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L'Oeil de la Photographie France

Press release for Erotic Eye Los Angeles.

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TIME Lightbox

The sun slowly rises against an 18th-century Mallorcan farmhouse in Spain. Inside, seven photographers lounge, coffee in hand, near a cackling fireplace. Sleepy-eyed yet engaged, each weighs in on the discussion: from ethics debates to work critiques to personal disclosures. They have talked through the night and, well, for seven days, about one thing: eroticism...

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XatakaFoto Spain

Donna Ferrato es una fotografa estadounidense con una extensa carrera por medios como New York Times o Time y con premios tan importantes como el Eugene Smith. Actualmente coordina los talleres The Erotic Eye Workshops, unos retiros para fotografos en los que trabajan alrededor del erotismo y sus diferentes manifestaciones. Hablamos con ella dias antes de que de comienzo un nuevo taller que se desarrollara en Berlin...

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Nordkurier am Wochenende

"Ein Hauch New York in Rensow." Hard copy only. 

"What's the workshop? I can't tell you. It's amazing... When I came in I thought I could take pictures... And then every day, the experience grows on you. Everyone together with three teachers running around getting to understand what each [participant] needs, what each wants, each with their different eye. For me, I will never leave my camera at home again." -Eyal Levy, Erotic Eye Mallorca & Berlin

"From Donna, I learned to not have fear; to go inside, get closer." -Chiara Pansini, Erotic Eye Mallorca & Berlin

"I didn't come here to become a photographer of 'eroticism' as most people think of it. When you think about what we're doing here it's 'the erotic eye;' it's beauty, it's sensuous... Observing [the subjects he met] with respect and humility and finding the love in [their relationship]. Going home, back to my street photography, it makes me look with a different eye." -Stephen Pile, Erotic Eye Mallorca & Berlin

"I don't think [the workshop] could be better. There is a little chaos in this workshop, but it helps a lot... I think from the chaos, everything can come." -Gabriela C, Erotic Eye Mallorca & Berlin

Previous Donna Ferrato Workshops

Venice: Love & Intimacy, Venice, Italy, 2013
Terrorism, New York, NY, 2011
Domestic Violence, East Hampton, NY, 2011
Drive-by Shootings, Newark, NJ, 2007
Risky Pictures, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, the U.S., 2004-2010

“After critiquing our work together and being pushed past our self-made boundaries, I instantly saw the difference it made in our work…Participating in these workshops, I am a more fearless photographer, more patient, more observant.” - Danielle Stack

“I thank Donna Ferrato, who made me realize that I had chosen the right path and with her witty and constructive criticism encouraged me to grow and mature…Donna has stimulated my photographic creativity.” - Anna Svelto

“I was lucky enough to be able to work alongside a great and wonderful photographer and a great and wonderful woman. She was able to transmit her determination and energy, which transformed itself into an inner message for me.” - Eleonora Lauro

“I had known and studied Donna’s work, but it was when I saw her speak at Look3 that I knew she was someone I wanted to learn from. She had this infectious energy that was so palpable, you began to understand how she’s made all these amazing pictures.” - Jordan Weitzman